The Paragon Difference

There’s No App For What We Do

We get personal! We get deep into conversations and discover visions for the future, whether it be for your company’s growth or your individual career goals.

For Our Clients: We approach each search as if we were a part of your company and keep our focus on what’s important to you. For Our Candidates: No need to apply online, we’ll talk one on one and find out what’s important to you.

Here’s the Difference

We’ve built our reputation and value with our clients by mastering the ability to bring them accomplished talent that we call the €œUnrecruitable“.

At least 90% of the candidates we present to our clients are not actively searching for new endeavors. Uncovering, engaging and securing this type of candidate gives our clients an edge against their competition. We are able to hone in on superior and unexpected talent – which in turn broadens the candidate pool for our clients –  because we’ve been building these types of relationships for over 20 years.

 #1 Reason to Work with Paragon:
We Deliver the €œUnrecruitable€ Candidates

Keeping It Ethical

Our impeccable business ethics and work tenacity, teamed with our passion and respect for the clients and candidates we serve, bring value to every search we perform.

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