“Paragon has been very responsive in terms of both timeliness and the quality of candidates submitted. Paragon did an outstanding job in finding the right nurses for our project. Paragon’s professionalism and patience is well noted by us as a company.” Med Review, NYC


“Paragon understands the nature of HEDIS and its overall impact on our bottom line, as a business entity. “Paragon performed in a timely manner and follow-up was exemplary.” AmeriChoice



“Paragon is a very effective employment agency and we would not hesitate to refer their services to others. “Paragon worked diligently to secure highly experience candidates for our nursing positions and we highly recommend their services.” American Medical Security


“First of all, I would like to thank Paragon for the exceptional job done with the Aetna HEDIS project. I appreciate all Tricia has done for this project from providing great quality candidates to managing and following up on timecards and expense reports. As you know, this is a very high priority project for Aetna and a very important project for ProcureStaff to handle and manage. Please share this email with your higher ups as I would like them to be aware and to appreciate the hard work that you do for this account.” Rebecca S. Johnston, Senior Relationship Manager at PROCURESTAFF

 “Tricia Hepner has worked diligently with AmeriChoice over the years with main focus on the HEDIS project report. She has provided high quality, experienced temporary nurses.

During our first year together she worked very closely with me and maintained daily communications via the telephone or email to keep me apprised of staffing issues, changes, etc. I find her demeanor to be very favorable for her role where she is often times challenged with otherwise stressful situations. As an example, during our second year together we called upon her at the 11th hour to help recruit nurses for our HEDIS project with very short notice. True to form Tricia was able to round up very experienced, talented nurses for us within hours! It would have been almost impossible to make it through the reporting year without her expertise, talent and willingness to help.

Tricia is very personable and truly knows her business. Furthermore, she understands the nature of HEDIS and it’s overall impact on our bottom line as a business entity. I enjoy the relationship we have developed and look forward to another successful HEDIS reporting period with her help. I would be happy to provide a more in depth analysis of her skills upon request. Thank you.” Carolyn Daniels, National Director Medical Management Operations at AmeriChoice