Paragon’s Winning Process


As partners, we don’t just match spec to spec; we take the time to truly learn what you are looking for in the type of people you want to hire. We listen carefully and have in-depth conversations to uncover highlights about your company, and align on the skills, accomplishments, culture fit and financial budget that meet your needs to reach your goals.

We design a game plan to identify people that we believe would be a great fit, and compile a compelling story about your company and the needs at hand. We call this our Search Strategy. Executing this enables us to tell a consistent company story to each great professional we encounter, and provide you with consistent candidate information to guide your evaluation process. This is Our Edge.

Our long term relationships connect us to many hidden pools of talent, including professionals that are not actively engaging in a search, or not typically available through social media venues. We make it happen with a refreshing approach to acquiring your next hire.

We discuss each candidate as a group and only share our top picks with you. Our goal is to identify professionals who are not only qualified, but are a cultural fit and are financially in the range you desire to pay.

Upfront, we provide you with detailed insight to the candidate’s current financial package as well as what their financial requirements and expectations are in a potential offer. We keep you abreast of any changes. We collaborate with you to develop & extend an offer that is successfully accepted, not negotiated. We have a successful track record in eradicating counteroffers.

We are proud to say that hires made through Paragon have provided our clients with long-lasting employees who have made an impact and a difference, from both a financial and a leadership perspective.

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